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Two Brattle Center now offers evaluation for diagnosis of adult ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder.

Not infrequently the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder in adults is based on history and is made by an internist or psychiatrist. The DSM criteria require that six of the nine following inattentive symptoms are present for a person to qualify for the diagnosis of inattentive ADD:

• fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes

• has difficulty keeping up attention on tasks

• does not seem to listen when spoken to directly

• doesn’t follow through or fails to finish tasks

• has difficulty organizing tasks

• doesn’t do well with tasks that require sustained mental effort

• loses things

• is easily distracted

• is forgetful

The six symptoms must…

• Be present often

• Have been present for at least six months

• Cause significant problems in functioning

ADD is disorder that can impact more than simple attention - it impacts a whole range of cognitive functions known as executive functions. Neuropsychological testing provides a full evaluation of cognitive functions and can be a valuable tool in treatment planning for ADD but is a lengthy and costly battery of tests that frequently requires 6-8 hours with a neuropsychologist. Most medical insurers no longer cover this kind of testing. There is now a trend for quick diagnosis and pharmacological treatment with stimulants for those with a history of attentional difficulties but without any formal testing. However, this trend does not allow for detailed description of executive function problems and for specific, targeted recommendations that can assist a patient in navigating the daily problems that can be associated with ADD.

Two Brattle Center is pleased to announce an alternative to the full neuropsychological testing. A brief testing evaluation focused on detailing an individual's strengths and weaknesses in executive functioning is now available along with a report offering a diagnostic discussion and specific treatment recommendations for attention deficit disorder. Please call Two Brattle Center for more details